Meet our colleagues

Tatiana Ozhigova - Management Consultant specialized in Financial Management

What did you do before joining Opticos?
Throughout my career I have had a number of jobs within Finance. I have worked as an auditor, finance specialist, business analyst and requirements analyst – both as a consultant and as an employee. I have experience from various industries such as Property Management, Banking & Insurance, International Affairs and more. I have a university diploma in Finance and a MSc. in Project management and Operational Development. Apart from that I studied applied mathematics in Finance. I am also a certified requirement engineer (IREB).

What project are you working with now?
I am currently working with a client in the manufacturing industry. We are doing an assessment of IT capabilities applicable for a finance and controlling function within the organisation.

What are your areas of expertise?
I possess sound background in Financial Management and in general business analysis for developing sustainable IT solutions within Finance, purchasing, CRM, asset management and BI and integration solutions. I have experience from various types of organisations, both project- and maintenance- focused, Nordic and international, both for and not-for-profit.

Why did you join Opticos?
The way Opticos defines the consultant role is in line with how I see it. “With you, for you” – together with the client and independent. Opticos offers its clients a number of competences needed to successfully complete the assignment, which means you are always a part of an Opticos team when you are working with a client.


Meet our colleagues

Hans Bergström - Management Consultant and Enterprise Architect

Can you describe an exiting assignment you have been working on?
I worked together with a global manufacturing client to implement methodology and routines in working with Application Portfolio Management. My role was to act as lead Enterprise Architect securing that the right information was provided to the Business and IT Management in issues concerning application investments and consolidation. One nice feature in this work was that we also built an Alexa-app to the backbone documenting system, which made it possible to actually ask questions about applications using your voice.

Why did you join Opticos?
I was working on a big global consultant company before and wanted to change to something smaller with a more personal touch. Still, I wanted to continue working with challenging assignments with interesting clients. Opticos could deliver this combination. And what finally made me chose Opticos was meeting the very senior but still humble people who recruited me.

What did you do before joining Opticos?
After my graduation from University back in the mid-nineties I have been working in various roles in IT. I have been developer, project manager, team leader, product manager, IT-strategist and lately mostly Enterprise Architect. I like working with Enterprise Architecture since its an area where you almost need all the IT-skills there is in the box, still needing to add some additional EA-skills that quite few people possess.

What is the best thing about your job at Opticos?
I like the way my work forces me to be creative, using all my (and others) knowledge and understanding of people, organization, business and technology. Helping our clients to build the best possible solutions using their requirements and constraints gives you a high degree of work satisfaction. And I must add that working at Opticos means working in a team with highly skilled people that can help you find good ways forward when you need it.

Meet our colleagues

Johan Malmgren - Management Consultant and former CIO

Why did you join Opticos?
I came to learn Opticos while working with Sandvik, where Opticos did a great work as consultants in many different assignments. At Sandvik I was also part of a network for CIO’s that Opticos kept together, which gave lots of inspiration and ideas in areas we had in common. Both these great experiences contributed to my decisions to try out my luck with Opticos!

What did you do before joining Opticos?
Before joining Opticos, I was CIO at Sandvik Group. I have also worked for ABB, Ericsson and OK.

What is the most challenging about your job?
The most challenging is also the most interesting part: to quickly get a grip of a new situation, understand it from many perspectives, and deliver services that supports the client in reaching targeted objectives. In other words: to actively contribute to a successful step forward for the client.

Why did you want to work as a management consultant?
As I have been an employee for so many years with some of our big international companies, I felt it was time to make a change and find out how my experiences could contribute in other companies and situations – and also to learn more and getting to know more people!

What can you tell someone who is thinking about starting a career as a management consultant?
It is important that you have a background from dealing with business challenges inside a company – to have an understanding for how companies work and the complexities they are facing in many situations.