Helping you find new and lasting business value

We understand the challenges our clients face – and we also know how to make the desired changes happen. That’s because we combine our many years of experience with a hands-on, yet forward-thinking approach. Using best practices across different sectors, we work alongside our clients, providing unbiased advice and practical support to achieve the targeted outcome. But it’s not just about what has worked before. We also embrace new technologies, helping you find new opportunities and lasting business value.

Core capabilities

Strategy & Business Development 

This capability focus on Supply Chain Management, Functional Strategy, and Business Development leveraging our heritage and experience within the IT and Technology space to unlock value in your digitalization journey.

Opticos experiences range from Functional strategy assessment and development, Process and organizational analysis and revitalization, and value chain and material flow review and improvements. Underpinned by proven capabilities in program, project, and change management, we can assist in the assessment stage during the design phase or provide support in accelerating and executing the implementation part - ultimately helping you improve your business performance.

Core capabilities

Digital Business Transformation

We provide advice on strategic direction, transformation programs and execution to help our clients with digital business transformation. Using the right digital technologies and advanced data analytics to digitalize workflows and processes, and unlock value.

Whether it’s improving the customer journey, leveraging AI and machine learning or implementing smart manufacturing, we help to embed innovation and new technologies at the centre of our client's business transformation.

Core capabilities

Strategic IT

We help CIOs and their leadership teams to deliver stable, compliant and secure infrastructure and business system services and projects. Our senior team of IT management professionals and technology experts guide our clients on how to tackle complex IT environments, which technology trends really matter and how to implement robust yet agile operating models.

We combine theory with pragmatism to ensure that our frameworks for IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture and IT financial management are relevant and actionable.

Core capabilities

Sourcing & Procurement

A leading and independent sourcing advisor, we support our clients with specialized advisory and implementation services for sourcing-driven process and capability transformations. We provide practical frameworks, templates and checklists for creating collaborative, win-win business relationships where both parties are committed to each other’s success.

Our procurement professionals help transform procurement organizations, deliver cost savings and develop new ways of working, including supporting tools. We also provide sourcing and procurement as a managed service.

Client testimonial

"I like that they adapt to our reality and what we need. They don’t give us a standard approach we have to try and fit our business into. "

- , CIO, Financial Services

Client Testimonial

"The Opticos consultants don’t come to me with answers. They listen to me – and then ask the right questions . "

- , CTO, Manufacturing Industry

Client Testimonial

"We work very well together. And when you’re breaking new ground and coming up with new solutions, you need everyone’s skills and knowledge working in harmony. "

- , CPO, Consumer Goods