Expanding Horizons: Opticos Opens New Offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm

With our growing team and the ever-increasing demand from our clients, we are thrilled to announce expansion of our office spaces in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. These new offices not only accommodate our expanding team but also enhance our ability to serve our clients with unmatched expertise.


In Gothenburg, we’ve taken a significant step forward by expanding our office with an impressive 100 square meters space. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch consulting services and maintaining a friendly work environment. Our newly improved office is conveniently located in the heart of the city on Kungsportsavenyn 1, just one floor up from our previous location. The building, dating back to 1880, exudes charm, blending the rich history of the city with a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Gothenburg office offers an open office layout, creating an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. The space offers spacious conference rooms, ideal for client meetings and brainstorming sessions.


In the bustling city of Stockholm, our brand-new office space, located at Olof Palmes gata 23,  is at just a short walk from the Central Station. This spacious 300-square-meter office space has been carefully designed to boost efficiency and promote collaboration among our consultants.

The office supports meeting rooms, including six smaller ones and three conference rooms, with one especially spacious room to accommodate large gatherings and presentations. Our open workspace encourages flexibility and interaction, making it easier for our consultants to collaborate and share insights. A dedicated area is on offer for those who prefer a quiet and focused work environment.

At Opticos, we understand that our success lies in the collective brilliance and dedication of our team. With these expansions in Gothenburg and Stockholm, we aim to provide our consultants with the best possible resources and a friendly work atmosphere where they can thrive and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

We’d like to hear from you! Feel free to visit us in Stockholm or Gothenburg to discuss your requirements. For more information or to book a meeting, please write to us at: