Strategy and Business Development Capability now established

Establishing the Strategy and Business Development Capability at Opticos

A Focused Effort to Expand Existing Services and Drive Client Success

“Being responsible for developing the Strategy and Business Development capability at Opticos, I am excited by the enthusiasm and engagement from colleagues across the organization, eager to join in on expanding our capabilities in this area”, says Henrik Agnemyr, Director at Opticos.

“Expansion is the key word here, as this is a natural step in organizing our efforts and collective knowledge as an extension of Opticos’ existing services, focusing on providing more comprehensive and tailored solutions to our clients”, Henrik concludes.


The value proposition of this expansion revolves around three main areas:

  • Supply chain management
  • Functional business strategy,
  • Business development


We aim to provide expert advice and assistance in each of these areas.

  • We offer assessments, review and development within Supply chain management, also including material supply and engagement in operational/manufacturing footprint
  • In the area of Functional business strategy, we help clients assess, review, and reshape their strategies, providing roadmaps for future growth and development, including assisting with the execution of initiatives.
  • In Business development we focus on process improvement, organizational and capability development, as well as overall cost improvement initiatives.


This expanded strategy and business development capability is built upon the strong foundation of Opticos’ existing experience and expertise in these areas, with a diverse team of consultants possessing a mix of industry and consulting backgrounds.

The rationale behind this expansion is based on our history of providing clients with advice in the areas of strategy, performance management, and performance improvement. This new capability will allow us to concentrate our efforts and offer solid advice and support to clients in these domains.

A key aspect of our enhanced value proposition is the hands-on support provided to clients, ensuring that they not only receive expert advice but also assistance in implementing and executing their strategies. By focusing on getting things done, we at Opticos are well-positioned to drive the success of our clients through this expansion of our strategy and business development capabilities.

If you’re looking for guidance and support in supply chain management, functional business strategy, or business development, don’t hesitate to contact me and the team here at Opticos. We’re eager to help you achieve your goals and drive success.

Henrik Agnemyr

Head of Strategy & Business Development


Henrik Agnemyr, Director, focuses on strategy & business development cross multiple sectors working with group and functional strategy, process, and organizational development and execution.

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